About CMH


“Providing local support and releasing local vision”

The HUB’s mission is to support local Christian community stations and to provide access to expertise in programming, fundraising and sponsorship so they can better serve their respective communities of interest.

To also release each station to effectively fulfil their vision and mission; which is essentially to speak words of hope, that come from Jesus, at key points in the lives of the people in their communities of interest.

The HUB will provide tailored services and strategic initiatives to grow each station through providing expertise and strategies in programming, sponsorship, donor acquisition, community engagement, fundraising and back office processing.

The HUB is based on a collaborative model. Facilitating and drawing on the expertise and strategies of a larger established station (Hope 103.2) and assisting smaller stations with this same expertise and strategies. By collaborating together it is envisaged that some synergies will be identified and additional cost savings will be achieved.