By: Sam Chan

What is it about e-bikes?

I ride a bicycle to get to work.

But when an e-bike passes me, I shake my head.

How is that cycling? You have a battery assisting you!!!!

But that’s wrong of me. Because someone else could say to me: “You have wheels assisting you! Why don’t you walk?”

Why do we insist that people have to work for their benefits?

Why can’t benefits be gifts that we don’t deserve, rather than rewards that we work for?

Somehow we’re wired to be proud and self-righteous. Looking down on those who don’t work as hard as us.

Jesus told parables about people like us. We’re the older brother in the story of the Prodigal Son. Or the Pharisee who looked down on the Tax Collector.

The next time we eye-roll at an e-bike, Jesus might be eye-rolling at us.

Jesus came to save – not the self-righteous – but the humble.

The sort of person who isn’t too proud to ride an e-bike.

Luke 15:11-32
Luke 18:9-14